At Elite Basements, we use a step-by-step approach in the development process, by breaking up the tasks and addressing all aspects of your renovation with a regimented process we are able to take note of every detail.

This is why we are the standard. This is what sets  us apart from our competitors. We ensure that our customers receive the best possible development experience. Once work begins, our average project is 7-9 weeks long.

1. Initial Over-The-Phone Consultation:

When you first contact us we will arrange a time for an initial over-the-phone consultation. During this consultation we will explain the packages in depth and discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. We will also make you aware of possible upgrades for your consideration. From this conversation, we will be able to provide you a very accurate estimate of what the job cost will be.

In order to make this estimate as accurate as possible we suggest that you take a few minutes and measure your basement prior to the consultation. We have a link on the process page of our site explaining how to easily measure your basement. shutterstock_104998355

2. On-Site Quote:

Once you have had time to consider the initial estimate, and have narrowed down your potential contractors, we can arrange an on-site meeting at which time we will draw plans for the project, further discuss your questions or concerns, and then provide a firm quote for the project.

3. Contract Signing:

After considering the final quote for your project and deciding to have Elite Basements complete your project, we will again meet on-site to sign our standard contract. At this time a $500 payment is due to cover the initial planning as well as the permits.

Once signed we will schedule the trades and provide you with a start date for your project. We will also give you a list of suppliers and contacts so that you can get out and make product choices for the project. During this period we will go to City Hall and open the permits on the project.

4. Rough-In/Framing Stage:

·         Framing

·         Electrical Rough-In

.         Plumbing Rough-In

·         City Inspections (Customer Will Need To Be Home For Inspections)

·         Customer Makes Final Product Selections

·         Elite Rough-In/Framing Inspection and Customer Sign-Off

·         45% Payment Due

5. Drywall/Painting Stage:

·         All boarding, mudding and taping

·         Ceiling Texture

·         Finishing Materials Purchased And Delivered

·         Flooring Purchased and Delivered

·         Paint Walls and Trim

·         Final Touch-ups will wait until very end

·         Elite Drywall/Paint Inspection and Customer Sign-Off

·         50% Payment Due


6. Finishing Stage (14-20 Days):

·         Flooring Installation

·         Installation of doors, baseboards and casing.

·         Installation of hardware

·         Electrical Finishing                            shutterstock_245539099

.         Plumbing Finishing

·         Bathroom Tiling

·         Touch-ups

·         Final cleaning and removal of waste and leftover materials

·         Final City Inspections

·         Elite Final Inspection

·        Remaining Balance Due