Gold Basement Package ($30,500 + GST )

shutterstock_306355313Based on the basement development of up to 675 ft with exterior framing and installation and poly already completed and ceiling height up till 96”. You will get up to 2 rooms, living room and mechanical rap up, according to the city of Calgary code. Basement package includes:

City permit:                               

  • Building permit is included as per design and city of Calgary codes.


  • All basic interior framing with up to two rooms
  • Closets
  • Living room
  • Mechanical room
  • Bulkhead if required


  • Finished drywall for walls and ceiling for developed area
  • knock down finish on the ceiling.


  • Electrical permits from the city
  • Potlights 6” in the living space
  • standard smoke/ CO2 detector in the living room and in the bed room as per city requirements


Choice of 2 colors of walls and white color of trim and doors

  • One coat of primer and two paint from general paint company.
  • Doors, baseboards and trim, will be sprayed twice.


  • Doors- up to 3 pre-hang 2 panel or 6 panel hollow core doors
  • hollow core bi-field closet door
  • wire closet shelving
  • brushed picked door hinges handles and closet handles
  • baseboard 356 builder standard 2.5” baseboards or flat
  • casing 356 Builder standard 2.5;; casing or flat.
  • Also includes Doorstops, Ventcovers, Registers


Carpet: an allowance of up to 3.50/5 ft including product and installation. customers have the choice to use other suppliers, prices can be adjusted by quote.