How long will it take to develop my basement?

A. Our average basement renovation takes 7-9 weeks. For more information please visit our PROCESS page.

I am thinking of finishing my basement, do I need a building permit?

A. Yes.  Normally, you need 3 city permits, i.e building, electrical and plumbing. the permit is normally filed before starting the basement.

Where can I choose my materials?

A. Elite Basement is a one-stop-shop. After booking the appointment, you just go and select the materials, like doors, baseboards, headers. All kinds of flooring and plumbing stuff inclusive.

Does Elite basement do Legal secondary suites?

A. Yes. We build secondary suites according to the city codes. The owners can rent their basements and generate the extra income.

Does Elite Basement specialize in basement development only?

A. As the name shows “Elite Basement” is only specialized in basement development.

Do you offer Financing?

A. We do not have an in-house financing program at this time. We encourage you to talk to your bank or your mortgage company first, but if you run into problems we can put you in touch with secondary-lenders who may be able to help.